Military Children, your service to America is not forgotten

The Children

Military Children’s Charity exists to provide gifts and recognition to the children of American Service members. The United States has endured years of lengthy wars on multiple fronts. An entire generation of American military children have grown up and never known our country during a time of peace. The average American can escape this reality by turning off their television set, our military children cannot. This demographic of children have been growing up the past fifteen years, or so, in an environment filled with incredible stresses. These children have experienced prolonged separations from one (or both) parent(s), may experience frequent anxiety about the safety of their parent(s), tremendous concern about the outcome of world events, and the years of economic strain facing our nation are felt strongly among some of our poorest Service member’s families. Also, Military Children’s Charity recognizes that it is urgent that M.C.C. is able to fully assist these children with gifts and encouragement as their parents continue to deploy, possibly into combat areas.

The military children our organization serves range in age from soon-to-be-born babies to eighteen year olds.

  • Children Attached to a Military Installation (Military Bases)
    These are military children attached to a U.S. military installation, who may attend public or private school or a Department of Defense school.

  • Children in Our Communities (Not-Attached to a Military Installation)
    These are children not attached to a U.S. military installation and living within the community, often attending public or private schools. For example, their parent(s) are on recruiting duty, their parents are divorced, their parent serves in a special capacity, etc.

  • Bereaved Children
    The Richard K. Johnston Memorial Bereavement Program provides gifts directly to children whose parent has been killed in U.S. military service. During the past 7 years, M.C.C. has served over a dozen children with gifts of appreciation year-round to acknowledge their sacrifice. If the child moves from their present location, M.C.C. continues to ship the gifts to the child's new home. For the American servicemember’s funeral, M.C.C. provides teddy bears and blankets to the children, even the teenagers. The additional annual gifting includes holiday toys, Easter baskets, backpacks filled with school supplies and a birthday gift.