Military Children, your service to America is not forgotten


1. Monetary donations:

A. PayPal:
The quickest way to give to Military Children’s Charity is to make a donation via PayPal on this website! You do not require an existing PayPal account to utilize this. Simply click on the button to the right and complete the necessary information.

B. Checks, Gift Cards, or Money Orders:
If your preference is to donate via check or money order, please mail these directly to M.C.C.’s Headquarters. Also, you may send us gift cards to purchase gifts for the children or to give to the Military Family Program Officers/Volunteers to distribute.

Please mail checks, money orders and gift cards to M.C.C.’s headquarters at:

Military Children’s Charity, Inc.
1575 E. 17th Street
Santa Ana, California 92705

2. In-Kind Gifts:

Drop off a new in-kind gift or ship it directly to:

Orange County Windustrial
1335 S. Allec
Anaheim, California 92885

*If you are too busy to shop, order a gift from a retailer online and have it delivered! For more information on the donations that M.C.C. accepts, please visit our Collection Drives page.