Military Children, your service to America is not forgotten


Military Children’s Charity, Inc. was founded by Isaiah Navarro when he was a 14-year old student at Mater Dei (Catholic) High School. During the fall of 2009, Isaiah chose to collect toys for his school service project in order to donate them to a non-profit. The charity gifted toys to the children of deployed American servicemembers only during the holiday season. Isaiah’s father, at the time, had been a United States Marine for over eighteen years and was stationed overseas again--his time for his entire freshman year. (Isaiah’s father has since retired from the U.S. Marine Corps and works for the U.S. Federal government).

Isaiah’s pastor agreed to allow him to speak in front of thousands of parishioners and tell his story. Isaiah shared how challenging life is for the children of American service members, like himself. Not only the extended absences from one of their parents, but the constant concern that their parent may never return home. Isaiah’s speech was greeted with an outpouring of support; a few members of the parish approached Isaiah moved to tears. Isaiah and his mother, Cherie realized that not only did their community care deeply about the cause of military children; but by Isaiah sharing his personal story, it brought his reality into a clearer understanding for his fellow Americans.


Isaiah’s service project became so successful that by December of 2009, he had received 1,460 toys. Isaiah arrived at Camp Pendleton with 1,000 toys on eight different pallets and was greeted by a large group of Marines donning their Santa hats. The Marines' excitement at receiving the toys for their families was overwhelming. Camp Pendleton had requested 6,000 toys for their holiday parties and Isaiah’s toys were the first large shipment that the base received that year. The remaining toys were delivered to the Joint Forces Training Base Los Alamitos in time for their holiday celebrations as well.

As a result, Isaiah received a letter from the U.S. Commander of a military base in the Middle East. The Marine Corps flew an American flag on the Marine Corps birthday over their base in his honor and the flag was enclosed. Isaiah was invited as the guest of honor to several family events aboard Camp Pendleton and received coins from various Commanders. Marines approached Isaiah, hugging him and stating how much they appreciated that he actually cared about their children. Assemblyman Jeff Miller, having heard the story from a fellow Assemblyman in Sacramento, presented Isaiah with his own California State Assembly Resolution Number 430, recognizing his charitable efforts.

M.C.C. is Founded:

Isaiah decided to found his own non-profit corporation dedicated to military children, so that he could continue to collect gifts to provide recognition to the children year round. Isaiah’s vision was to set up a three-season approach to giving, combined with accepting additional smaller donations monthly for special occasions and ceremonies.

Isaiah was certain that he wanted to create a company as diverse as the United States Armed Forces are, staffed with American’s from all walks of life. He envisioned an organization completely non-partisan and secular in nature, which avoids government policies, lobbying and legislation. Isaiah’s vision to provide gifts and recognition to the children led to the ultimate creation of Military Children’s Charity, Inc.

Seven years later, Isaiah is still involved with all of the day to day operations of his non-profit. Isaiah serves on the Board of Directors, and in seven years has only missed two board meetings. Isaiah graduated in June 2017 with a Bachelors of Science degree in both Aerospace Engineering and Mechanical Engineering. In 2019 Isaiah earned his Master's of Science in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering. Isaiah currently works within the field of Aerospace Engineering.