Military Children, your service to America is not forgotten

Our Mission and Values

Our Mission

Military Children’s Charity, Inc. exists to enrich the lives of American Service member’s children. Given the reality of multiple military engagements, and several years of economic uncertainty, M.C.C. recognizes that a disproportionate share of this burden has fallen on the shoulders of American Service Member’s families. American Military Children deserve to be appreciated and publicly recognized for their countless personal sacrifices on behalf of our nation too. For these reasons, M.C.C. endeavors to provide gifts directly to these children via the American public’s individual contributions, donations and grants. These funds will be utilized to purchase holiday toys, theme park tickets, backpacks, school supplies, Easter baskets, baby items, and anything additional which will facilitate an opportunity to appropriately acknowledge our military children. If in providing these extra benefits to American Military Children, their parent’s budget is alleviated, and their spirits livened, then M.C.C’s mission has been accomplished.

Our Values

Military Children’s Charity, Inc. intends to annually provide enough holiday toys, Easter gifts and backpacks for each child aboard the military bases within our local area. Once this goal has been attained, M.C.C. intends to expand our operations to provide gifts to all of the American military children stationed within Southern California. After this additional goal is realized, M.C.C. will focus on providing these gifts to all of the American military children stationed within the State of California. The ultimate direction M.C.C. seeks is to expand our operations nationally, into all fifty American states. M.C.C.’s final goal will be to be able to facilitate shipping toys and gifts on a large scale to the children of our American service members who are stationed overseas aboard U.S. military installations.